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How do I become a client?

At Global Therapy, we understand the importance of a personal touch, especially when reaching out for support for your mental health. In this video, Keely shares the process of booking an appointment at Global Therapy and our commitment to providing you a smooth, compassionate and personalized experience.

Steps to becoming a client at Global Therapy.

  1. Reach out to us via phone, our contact page email, or on one of the therapist listings sites.

  2. The contact is directed to our Administrative Assistant.  She will contact you to discuss what you would like to address during therapy.

  3. Our Administrative Assistant will send you our paperwork via out HIPAA compliant portal Simple Practice.  There will be several items for you to complete and or sign.  Once all of the paperwork is complete, she can schedule an appointment.

  4. Once your paperwork is complete, if you are using insurance that information is sent to our Billing Specialist.  She will verify your insurance and send you an email that details your deductible and copay information.

  5. We do require a credit card or other payment source to be on file.  Your information is maintained securely on our Electronic Health Record, Simple Practice. Our office only has the last 4 number of your card visible as a reference.  This card will be charged after your session for the fee indicated in the email from our Billing Specialist.  It may also be charged for late cancelations and no-show visits.  That policy will be explained to you in our fee agreement.

  6. Visits that are face to face will be in our Bentonville office.  If you choose to have a telehealth visit your therapist will send you a HIPAA compliant zoom link to their personal virtual rooms.  This link will not change.  You can use it for each session.

If you have any questions about this process, feel free to reach out   


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