• JC: My experience with Donna Hunter was fantastic! I was skeptical when I reached out, however, I was treated with more care than I imagined and felt as though it was genuine. Donna saved my life and I will forever cherish her for doing what she does so well. 

  • Kaitlin: She was easy to talk to and knew how to ask the right questions to get me to open up and find the answers myself. She is very caring and very genuine.

  • Janet: My therapist is very understanding and is really good at helping me sort through things.

  • Rose: She is very professional and caring. She worked to figure out a good start to treatment.

  • Rachel: Donna helped me deal with legal issues and staying sober.

  • Karen: She always goes above and beyond to try and help me in any way she can-even tho I'm a tough patient to treat…

  • Joe: My therapist is a highly skilled and effective therapist. Her skills translate well online and in person.

  • Kacy: Donna is AMAZING!

  • Clair: I really appreciate that we can address issues quickly during the appointments with her so that we are on the same page with treatment.

  • Landon: I like the open environment and I can just talk :) sometimes I just need to share.

  • Anna: She is really great at helping me realize things about myself. She is fantastic with my husband and my relationships. She is helping my marriage.

  • Cassandra: She listens and talks me through things. She makes me feel very comfortable!

  • Ellis: Donna is thoughtful and caring in her approach to working with me on the matters I am challenged with.

  • Michelle: I feel very comfortable and heard. 

  • AS        Bonnie is very good with my daughter and getting her out of her shell. She has more confidence and skills for coping with her anxiety since starting with Bonnie.

  • WS       Bonnie allowed me to feel safe and not judged no matter what I was having to talk about.

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