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Bridge into the Woods

Experience Life Changes

We are here to guide you

Why do I keep drinking or using drugs?

My life is filled with toxic people.

Communicating with my partner is so hard.

Why am I so depressed and anxious?

Can I really change myself?

My teen seems so sad and overwhelmed.

 Happy, what’s that?

 I want to feel the way I used to feel.

I am ready to make the change.

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Hi, I'm Donna.
Owner of Global Therapy


Since 1997 Global Therapy, Inc has provided exceptional outpatient mental health services. Over the years we have had the opportunity to help individuals and families.  Global Therapy is serving you in Arkansas,Missouri, Florida and Idaho.  We offer telehealth services and from our office in Bentonville Arkansas we provide face to face services.        

Global Therapy has multiple clinicians who can help locally in Arkansas and also in Idaho.  We utilize a HIPAA compliant telehealth platform to enable you a confidential and convenient way to connect to the therapist of your choice.   We accept most major insurances and also have a sliding fee scale.

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All About Therapy

A Helping Relationship

As renowned psychologist Carl Rogers said:

“In my early professional years, I was asking the question: How can I treat, or cure, or change this person? Now, I would phrase the question in this way: How can I provide a relationship that this person may use for his or her own personal growth?”

Rogers learned that the foundation of therapy is not the technique the therapist employs to change the client, but the relationship the therapist helps create that allows the client to work through challenges and grow.

If, at the end of the first session, you don’t feel:

  • an instant connection

  • that I understand you or your issues

  • that I can be of help (or even if I recognize that I can’t be of service

That’s okay! Let’s have a conversation and I can refer you to someone with whom you can connect.


Good therapy isn’t about the letters behind my name or what I specialize in, it’s about the relationship.

Contact Us

1002 McClain Rd

Bldg A Suite 108

Bentonville AR 72712




Donna is thoughtful and caring in her approach to working with me on the matters I am challenged with.


...highly skilled and effective therapists. Her skills translate well on line and in person.


Donna helped me deal with legal issues and staying sober.

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