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Discover Your Relationship's Health

Take Our Intimacy Quiz
1. How often do you feel emotionally close to your partner?
2. How satisfied are you with the intimacy in your relationship?
3. Do you often feel unsure about what you want or need in your relationship?
4. How often do you avoid expressing your feelings to your partner?
5. Do you fear losing your identity as you are loved by your partner?
6. How often do you avoid physical affection like hugging or kissing your partner?
7. Do you trust your partner?
8. Are you and your partner currently arguing about intimacy-related issues?
9. How well does your partner understand you?
10. Does your partner forget small things that make you feel loved?


  • 0-5 Points: Minor intimacy issues are present. These are likely resolvable through open communication and mutual effort.

  • 6-10 Points: Moderate intimacy issues detected. Additional attention and possibly professional counseling are recommended.

  • 11-20 Points: Significant intimacy issues are apparent. It is highly advisable to seek professional help to address these concerns and improve the relationship.


If your score suggests challenges and you need help, please contact us at Global Therapy. Our relationship and intimacy experts can assist you in addressing past traumas, relationship dynamics, or other hidden factors, helping you to heal and move forward towards a more intimate and healthy life. 

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