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Is Telehealth Therapy a Good Option for You?

Posted by Alyssa Bishop

The ways you can receive support for mental health has changed in the last decade. Thanks to advances in technology, it has never been easier to find an option that works best for your life. There are options of traditional therapy sessions where you are in the office with a therapist. There is walk and talk therapy, where you are out in nature. There’s phone sessions, for the times when you don’t want to be face to face with someone. And, now, there is teletherapy, also called telehealth.

In recent years, the option of telehealth has grown in popularity. At an unprecedented rate, more people are seeing the value of working on their mental health. But, we are also living in unpredictable times, which makes this option all the more appealing.

Maybe you are wondering if telehealth therapy is a good option for you. Or maybe you just really aren’t sure what it is all about. In either case, keep reading to find out more about this type of therapy and rather it is right for you.

Yes, It Is Still Confidential

When it comes to anything involving technology, confidentiality is a major concern for most people. “Will my information be safe?” “Who has access to it?”

These are all concerns. However, when it comes to confidentiality, the internet, and your virtual sessions, you can be reassured everything pertaining to your sessions is confidential. By law, therapists are required to only use HIPAA-compliant platforms that protect the information of the clients they support, not only for the video sessions themselves, but for note-taking, forms, and payments as well.

Protecting your information and the rights to it is something that therapists will take very seriously. So if this was a main concern preventing you from trying telehealth, this should help ease your mind. Still, if you have questions or concerns, reach out to the therapist you would like to work with and express them.

Support Anywhere

If you are looking for an option that allows you to schedule a session from anywhere you are comfortable, telehealth is a fantastic option. Let’s face it, we all have extremely busy schedules. This can sometimes prevent someone from being able to receive help for their mental health. When you have to travel back and forth, this can add time to your schedule that you could use for other things.

With telehealth, you can schedule when it is convenient to your life. There’s no traveling to the office or coming back home from it. It’s a great option for those whose schedules aren’t that flexible. It’s also a fantastic option for those who are not comfortable traveling or going to new places, or being around other people, as well as people who want to be in a private location, like home, for sessions.

More Options For Therapists

Before teletherapy became really popular, you were often just limited to who was in your immediate area. When this was happening, it was harder to get in for a session as many people were requesting sessions with the same people.

Now, telehealth it has expanded the pool of therapists you can choose from. How? Therapists are licensed by state, not county or city. So if you are on the western side of Arkansas, you can see someone who’s office location is in the eastern side of the state.

Telehealth may be the best option for you if you are struggling to find someone to see in person. You can get help more quickly and easily than ever before.

You’ll Still Get Fantastic Help

Telehealth will still give you the support and help you are seeking to overcome some of life’s most challenging situations, and it might even be the most convenient and sensible option for your schedule.

Our mental health is so important and it really is everything. If you are still hesitant or have concerns about teletherapy, reach out to me so we can go over these concerns.



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