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Patterns of Depressive Episodes

Patterns of Depressive Episodes

People suffering from depression can have different patterns of mood disorders. They can have different degrees of depressive episodes that may show broken sleep, suicidal thoughts, hopelessness about the future, extreme fatigue, physical weakness, trouble concentrating, low self-esteem, and unreasonable guilt. These patterns include:

1. Single episode depressive disorder – This person has had only one depressive episode.

2. Recurrent depressive disorder – This person has had two or more depressive episodes 3. Bipolar disorder – This person has had alternating depressive episodes, accompanied by manic symptoms like overconfidence, excessive energy, euphoria, reckless actions, impulsive behavior, and irritability.

When a person has a depressive episode, interactions can be especially difficult in their personal, familial, social, and work life.



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