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Why Telehealth Is So Important For Mental Health

Posted by Alyssa Bishop

Almost a decade ago, telehealth was practically unheard of. Recently, in the past few years, this has all began to shift. Telehealth is now becoming an extremely popular option. In large part, this is in thanks to changes in technology and access to it. The other shift has been because of the pandemic in the past few years.

More people are realizing the importance of mental health and feeling supported. However, restrictions and social distancing have not made this easy for many. Because of this, many are now turning to teletherapy to begin seeing licensed therapists from the comfort of their own homes.

Mental health has always been important, but, now, it is even more crucial. Here are some ways that makes telehealth important for mental health.

Safety And Putting Yourself First

You should never let anything stop you from receiving the mental health support that you need. But, these are also really uncomfortable times for those who don’t want to be in public or be around anyone unnecessarily.

This is when telehealth is going to be a great option. When you don’t feel comfortable traveling, the next best option would be to try and do as much as possible from home. Because of the advances in technology, it is now possible to receive help from anywhere.

Teletherapy gives people the option to receive help no matter where they are. So if it works better for you to sit in the living room and have a therapy session, that is fine! Or maybe your schedule with work and life in general leaves little time for anything else. Another great reason why telehealth is important for mental health – it can fit in your schedule better since you don’t have to worry about a commute or traffic!

There is enough in life to worry about, so having so many options for what will work best for your life is really important.

You Have Access To Any Licensed Therapist In Your State

Too often, not being able to get in with a therapist often delays the process of seeking help all together. Prior to the rise of telehealth, many people went without receiving help because of a long wait list in their area to see a therapist. While therapists have always been licensed and free to see whoever they want in their state, limited technology prevented this.

Now, as long as you reside in the same state, your location doesn’t matter. You can be on one side of the state while your therapist is 4 hours away.

This is so important for mental health because it means that an access barrier is no longer there.

It Eases The Uncomfortable Factor With Sitting Together In Person

Not everyone feels comfortable with sitting across from a therapist. Whether that is because of social anxiety or just not feeling at ease talking to a stranger that close, it’s okay! The nice aspect of telehealth is that it often times eases the anxiety of seeing a therapist if it is your first time going to therapy.

Mental health is important but it can also be the very thing that prevents you from seeking help to begin with. Telehealth helps break these barriers for some clients by giving them the chance to talk to someone where and how they are most comfortable in doing so.

More Options For A Variety Of Issues

Just as you were limited in the past to therapists in your area, you used to be confined to their experience, as well. For those who need more intensive treatments, this wasn’t always the best solution. For those suffering from trauma, they may need therapists trained in EMDR or Brainspotting to effectively treat it. Telehealth gives you the option to find exactly what type of therapy you are looking for and not be restricted.



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